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The Last Lecture Series

Dr. Chris Guthrie

The History of the Last Lecture

In 1955, UCLA featured six lectures from distinguished UCLA figures such as philosophy professor Abraham Kaplan, chemistry professor Kenneth Trueblood and legendary basketball coach John Wooden. Each lecturer shared their own life philosophy through the lens of their discipline, interests and personal experiences.

In the years since, the Last Lecture has become a tradition at many universities across the country. The tradition grew more popular in 2007 when Dr. Randy Pausch delivered a talk entitled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” at Carnegie Mellon University. Pausch’s lecture (and subsequent book, titled “The Last Lecture”) became famous as he’d been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had only months to live.


Tarleton’s Last Lecture Award

The Last Lecture Award will be the only faculty award at Tarleton selected entirely by the student body. Students will be invited to nominate an outstanding professor who has inspired and influenced them in their education and outlook. The student body will consider the nominations and select a professor to give a lecture that addresses the question: “If you had but one final opportunity to address your students and colleagues, what would you share with your audience?”

The inaugural installment of the Last Lecture series at Tarleton will be delivered on October 21, 2014.  To begin the series, Dr. Chris Guthrie was asked by the Faculty Fellows to serve as the inaugural speaker and we are pleased to announce that he has accepted.  After this initial lecture by Dr. Guthrie, student government will develop a voting process for the fall 2015 speaker.

Last Lecture Poster

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