Interactive Floor Plan (Sample)

Pikes Peak Community College

IFP1.png IFP2.png

Above and below are some examples of what you will be able to create using Microsoft PowerPoint and a digital camera (Click images to enlarge). Action buttons will be inserted throughout the IFP. Notice the yellow "home buttons" in the bottom righthand corner of the examples. This button will return users to the main screen of the IFP. Various actions buttons can be inserted to perform various functions. For example, the aerial photo above will be displayed when the blue action button "Aerial Photos" on the Centennial Campus blueprint is selected. When the green action button "utilities" is selected, a campus map of various utilities is displayed (see below). The utilities map has markings and pictures for various systems and shutoff valves (e.g., water, electrical, HVAC).


The Interactive Floor Plan was orginally designed to aid security personnel. Others have found the IFP technology utilitarian in various campus maintenance and operation procedures. The IFP is a tool that has unlimited potential. It can not only provide a visual image of how to get from one location to another and see into areas hidden from view, it can also display control valves and shut off switches for critical utilities such as water, heat, electric, and gas. The IFP can be used to provide information on location of AED's and fire extinguishers, as well as first aid kits and safe rooms. The uses are left up to the needs of the facility and any information they want to add into their system.

Sample IFP outputs

To access individual floors of a building, simply click on the building of choice to bring up the floor plan.

Floor plan of A & B buildings accessed from main screen.


Clicking on the Aspen Building, second floor, will bring up the floor plan for the second floor.


From the individual floor screen, clicking on any room or hallway will allow you to veiw photos of the actual area. Room A238 is shown below