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1 - Workshop Overview

In this workshop, participants will gain hands-on experience with SMART technologies.  Tarleton State University has purchased two types of SMART technologies.  The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard mounted on the classroom wall.  The second type of SMART technology is a Sympodium console.  The Sympodium resides on the classroom computer station and functions as your computer monitor.  Both types of boards offer interactive tools and software to increase learning in the classroom.  Workshop participants will take part in an overview of the interactive pens and tools of both SMART technologies.  Participants will explore the classroom applications of the Notebook software, Ink Aware applications and SMART gallery collections.


  • Sympodium and SMART Board Basics
  • SMART Tools
  • Notebook Software
  • Ink Aware with Microsoft Word
  • Ink Aware with Microsoft Excel
  • Ink Aware with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • SMART Gallery Collections

Learning Outcomes

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • effectively use the SMART tools to navigate SMART technologies.
  • use Notebook software to capture and share information created during a class.
  • apply Ink Aware to Word documents.
  • apply Ink Aware to Excel files.
  • apply Ink Aware to PowerPoint presentations.
  • explore the application of the SMART Gallery collections.