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3 - Using SMART Tools

To begin use Smart Tools:

Press the SMART Board icon in the Microsoft® Windows® Notification Area at the bottom right of your screen. The SMART Board tools will appear. 

If you cannot see the SMART Board icon, select Start > Programs > SMART Board Software > SMART Board Tools. You will then see the SMART Board icon in the Windows Notification Area.

Recorder:  Record everything that happens on the interactive whiteboard, regardless of which application you’re using. SMART Recorder also allows you to record audio through a microphone and automatically combine audio and data into one file for playback on any computer.

Video Player:  Write or draw over video during a presentation. You can use SMART Video Player to play video files located on your computer or view content from a camera, VCR, CD-ROM or DVDs. SMART Video Player is compatible with most video cameras, projectors, scanners and document cameras.
smart logo

Keyboard:  Type or edit text in any application without leaving the whiteboard. You can also use the keyboard to convert handwritten notes into typed text.   


Floating Tools:  Access the pen tool, highlighter, eraser, screen capture and other key functions.

floating tools

To access the Floating Toolbar:

When using a SMART Board, pick up a pen from the SMART Pen Tray to launch the Floating Tools toolbar. Initially, only two buttons will be displayed-the Area Capture button and the Undo button.  Press the arrow on the right of the toolbar to see the expanded default toolbar. 


If you pick up a pen and the Floating Tools toolbar does not appear or you are using a Sympodium, press the SMART Board™ icon in the Windows® Notification Area at the bottom right of your screen, then select Floating Tools.

To use the default Floating Tools:

Press any button on the Floating Tools toolbar and use your finger to control that feature. iconCapture an area of the screen into Notebook™ software
iconStop using other tools and return cursor to mouse mode
iconWrite or draw in digital ink
iconHighlight an area of the screen with translucent ink for emphasis
iconUndo your previous action. This tool toggles between two states, Undo and Redo.
iconRedo an action you cleared in error. This is the second of the two states mentioned above.
iconErase digital ink
iconMake your next press on the interactive whiteboard a right-click
iconOpen the drop-down menu to personalize toolbar functions

NOTE: If the Floating Tools toolbar does not appear with picking up a pen, the application you are working in may be Ink Aware.  If the application is Ink Aware, buttons will be available in the application’s toolbar. Floating Tools do not appear when running these applications because you can already write or draw over these applications without the tools from the Floating Tools toolbar. Many popular applications, like Microsoft® Word and Microsoft Excel, are Ink Aware. When you use an application that is Ink Aware, whatever you write or draw on the interactive product can be incorporated as an actual component of the file, rather than an external note

To use additional SMART Tools: 

Screen Shade:  Focus the attention of your audience with a Screen Shade that covers your desktop. Gradually drag the shade – left or right, up or down – to reveal the underlying text. 
screen shade

Spotlight:  Highlight an area of your screen. Select the Other SMART Tools > Menu button to change the shape of your Spotlight, set the transparency level of the shaded area or exit the Spotlight view.


Magnifier:  Enlarge any part of your screen to show a more detailed view. Two windows appear when you select the Magnifier. Use the smaller window to select the area you would like to magnify. You can drag it anywhere on the screen with your finger. The bigger window displays an enlarged view of the area you selected.

Control Panel:  Configure a variety of software and hardware options. From this screen, you can administer SMART Board Settings, orient your SMART Board, personalize the pen tray, connect to a new SMART Board interactive whiteboard, and manage Ink Aware applications, languages and wireless connections.

control panel

Orient:  ensures your touch is registered correctly when you are using the interactive whiteboard. It may help to view the orientation process as “fine-tuning” your interactive whiteboard.

Help:  Open the SMART Board Software Help Center. The answers to the most common questions can be found here. You can also find tips and tricks to use your SMART Board.

help icon

The Object Drop-Down Menu:  The Object Drop-Down Menu gives you access to the functions most commonly used when working with an object.

drop down menu