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7 - Ink Awareness and Microsoft PowerPoint

Ink Aware and Microsoft® PowerPoint in the Classroom

When using Microsoft PowerPoint with your SMART technology, you will notice the SMART Board software is running when the SMART Board icon is visible in the Windows® Notification Area. 

notification area

If this icon is not displayed, select Start > Programs > SMART Board Software > SMART Board Tools. The SMART Board icon will appear.

1 Launch a PowerPoint presentation.  You can use any PowerPoint presentation.  If this file opens in your Web browser, save it to your desktop, then you can open it in PowerPoint software.

2 Select View > Slide Show to begin the presentation. The Slide Show toolbar will appear as soon as you start your presentation. You can use the Slide Show Toolbar for navigation:

slideshow toolbar

3 Press the right arrow button on the Slide Show toolbar to move forward one slide and then press the left arrow button to move back one slide.

4 Advance the slide show without using the Slide Show toolbar by pressing twice on the interactive whiteboard, making the second press to the right of the first.

5 Pick up a pen from the pen tray and circle something you would like to emphasize.

6 Return the pen to the pen tray.

7 Touch the interactive whiteboard once with your finger to clear your notes before continuing with the presentation.

8 Move forward to the next slide in your presentation using the Slide Show toolbar. If members of your class ask for some of your source material, you can record the request as a note to remind yourself to get back to them later.

9 Pick up a pen and write send source material.

pen and write

10 Return the pen to the pen tray. You don’t want to permanently change your presentation when saving this note, but you want to remember the action item. This is a good reason to use the Menu button.

11 Press the Menu button on the Slide Show toolbar.


12 Select Capture to Notebook from the menu. Notebook software will open

capture to notebook

13 Now that the reminder has been captured to Notebook software, press once on the interactive whiteboard to erase the item from your PowerPoint presentation. There are times when you will want to make a note and save it as a permanent part of your PowerPoint presentation.

14 Pick up a pen and write a note on the current slide. If you are using the


You can continue moving through your presentation using the Slide Show toolbar. If you accidentally erase or remove your notes you can restore them. Simply press the Menu button on the Slide Show toolbar and select Restore Drawing or press the Click here to restore to writing icon that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. When you finish your presentation you will be asked Would you like to add your drawing to the PowerPoint presentation?

15 Press the Menu button on the Slide Show toolbar and select End Show from the drop-down menu. Press Yes when you are prompted to add your drawing. Hands-on Practice

add drawing

16 Select File > Close and press Yes when asked if you would like to save the changes you have made to your file. This will save your notes to the PowerPoint file so they are ready for the next time you present.

17 Press the Notebook taskbar button to view the Notebook file that was created earlier.


18 Select File > Save.
19 Follow the directions to specify a file name and location.