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Turning Technologies Clickers

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Turning Point Cloud for Fall 2016

picture of QT2 Clicker

The university will be moving from Turning Point 5 to Turning Point Cloud (TP Cloud) for the fall 2016 semester.  This is happening for various reasons, including:  Turning Technologies is ending support of TP 5 and TP Cloud's security is FERPA compliant.

Faculty will still use a USB stick to run TP Cloud.  TP Cloud requires everyone (faculty and students) create an account.  Faculty will use a login to start TP Cloud.  Students will still use the clickers they already have, but will need to purchase a license for the online account now. 


Turning Account 1 year license  $19.99  Turning Account 2 year license  $29.99

Turning Account 4 year license $34.99

New Clicker at the Turning Online Student Store (add about $20 for the on campus bookstore):

QT2 + 1 year license  $44.00


Turning has agreed to provide up to 3000 one year licenses to ease our student's transition to the Cloud model.  Any upper level courses (Junior/Senior) will be the first in line to obtain the free 1 year license.