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Service Day 2017 + Portfolium

Service is one of Tarleton's core values and Tarleton's Service Day is a day allowing us to showcase Texans teaming up to give back.

In Fall 2016, Tarleton partnered with Portfolium to showcase student work. As a student who participated in Service Day, a portfolio entry is now available in Portfolium. This entry can be used to showcase how the event helped you engaged in the community, address a community need, connect knowledge learned in the classroom to the service experience, and enhance skills by serving the community. 

What is Portfolium?

Portfolium is your free, digital portfolio tool to visually showcase your academic and professional accomplishments and experiences. Creating Portfolium "entries" allows you to beautifully organize and highlight your extracurriculars activities, hobbies, and internships by including samples of your reports, papers and projects!

Portfolium is also your own unique personal branding tool, integrating a professional profile with social media and job-seeking features. The platform makes it very easy for you to search for and apply to jobs as well as share your work with friends, colleagues and potential employers!

How can I showcase my Service Day 2017 activity?

Great question! We have made a short handout and a video tutorial explaining the process from start to finish. In addition, you can follow these steps for loading your Service Day 2017 submission.

Step 1: Log in to Blackboard (

Step 2: Select Portfolium from the Tools module on the My Blackboard page.

Step 3: Select the blue Update Profile button. If this is your first time to use the system, you'll be asked a few onboarding questions and will need to establish a password. Portfolium will be available after graduation and does not require Blackboard to log in. You can log in directly here:

Step 4: Once in Portfolium, locate the Portfolio tab.

Step 5: Locate the Service Day 2017 entry and select it. 

Step 6: Select the pencil icon to begin adding material to the entry. Consider adding pictures from the event and a description of the activity. The sky is the limit! 

Step 7: Prior to saving the entry, please use the hashtag #TSUSERVICEDAY2017

Public entries will be showcased on your portfolio and on our academic network.

Types of content that can be added:

Images, Videos (YouTube, Vimeo), PDFs, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Presentations, Word Docs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, 3D models, audio, and URLs.

Content can be imported from:

Your computer's hard drive, smartphone, Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, Picasa, Flickr, Gmail, Github, Evernote, Dropbox and more.

Helpful Links

Please utilize the resources below for more information on adding your Service Day entry to Portfolium.

Watch Video Instructions

View Handout Materials about Portfolium Submission

Check out Portfolium