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Faculty Training

Faculty training

What We Do

CII's 'Division for Instructional Design & Training' serves and supports the needs of Tarleton faculty by offering a full program regular workshops, consultations, and instructional tool trainings to enhance and inform on topics related to teaching with technology.

Instructional technology is the apex where learning, instruction, and technologies intersect. CII's staff are committed to helping faculty find customized ways to integrate instructional technology into the teaching/learning process. Faculty can use this website to view and search our online training materials as well as view up-coming face-to-face group training opportunities.

As always, faculty can request a one-on-one session with our faculty trainer for a more individualized/customized training session by calling Mr. Doug Hanna at 254-968-9307 or e-mailing For our off-site faculty and adjuncts, we offer live individualized remote session training as well.

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