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Blackboard Learn 9 Q4 2017 Release

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About this Release

With the Q4 2017 release, Blackboard has made a series of improvements to Learn based on client feedback and an ongoing commitment to product quality, simplified workflow's, and new innovations to help students, instructors, and educational programs.

Below you’ll find a summary of what’s new in this release, along with links to get more detailed information.

New Blackboard Features and Updates

  • Inline assignment grading  - The inline grading offered by Blackboard was generated through a company called Crocodoc. Crocodoc was acquired from Box. Box has phased out the inline grader in favor of a new version called the Box View. Within this new box view, additional file types will be available to view inline (no need to download).

    Tarleton Transition to Box ViewView more information

    New Box View of the Inline Assignment Grader for Blackboard Learn

    New Inline Grading View


  • Assignment submission emails to students - Students will receive a notification email to their university email account for each assignment attempt with information about the submission including attached files. Students can also access receipts at any time on the My Grades page.

    More on Instructor: Submission receipts | Student: Assignment Submissions

    Student Instructions for Submission Receipts

  • Additional Drag and Drop File Locations - The ability to drag and drop files has now been added to the Content Collection, content editor, blog, and journal. If the browser allows, users can also drag a folder of files and the files will upload individually.

  • Discussion board “Replies to me.” - Keeping up with large discussion board forums is made easier by giving users a “New Reply” count and filter so unread replies to their posts can be easily identified and read.

    New "Reply to me" feature in the Blackboard Discussion Board
    New Reply to Me column in the Blackboard Discussion Board


  • Missing Course Reminders - Instructors can now send email reminders directly from Grade Center columns to students and members of groups who have missing coursework.

    More on Instructor: Assignment reminders

  • Improved grading with rubrics - When grading with rubrics, you can now save feedback and the content will remain saved when changing the rubric's view from in-line to full screen.

New for Spring 2018: Qwickly Jot

Expand the scope of Assignments in Blackboard

Create assignments with diagrams, charts, maps and more for students to write on directly in Blackboard. Provide students with an array of interactive assignments covering various subject matter: block out scenes in a play on a blank stage, diagram the chemical bonds of a water molecule, and label the parts of an eye. With Qwickly Jot, the possibilities are nearly endless.

To begin:

  1. Locate an image that students must annotate
  2. Create a Qwickly Jot Assignment in Blackboard
  3. Upload the image to the Qwickly Jot Assignment
  4. Save the assignment and notify students 
  5. Students complete the annotated assignment
  6. Instructor grades within the inline Blackboard grading interface

View a detailed video on Qwicky Jot

Known Issue

  • Math Editor  - A support ticket has been placed with Blackboard regarding the math editor. The math editor is currently not available. Once the ticket has been addressed by Blackboard support, a new version of the math editor will show. The math editor found in the Content Editor will include tools specific to chemistry, like an embedded periodic table of elements. This page will be updated when the math editor is available again.

Grade Display Standardization

  • Grade Center Columns Display Extra Places - The Blackboard community has gone back and forth on how Blackboard should round grades. In this latest release, the decimal places for grades are displaying out to 5 places in the Grade Center. According to Blackboard, this is to provide greater consistency and standardization.  All Grade book columns (online and downloads) and My Grades now support up to five decimal points, are not rounded, and are consistent for all display types (score, percentage, letter grade).