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Instructional Computer Labs

Want to browse the schedule for an open instructional computer lab? The most effective way for you to check on your own is to browse to Astra Schedule. Click on the Calendars Tab and search for one of the instructional computer labs listed below.  Then follow our suggestions in the Suggestions for Reserving a Lab. Click on the link below.

AdAstra Schedule Request System

Suggestions for Reserving a Lab (contact us at 254.968.1934)

  • To reserve a computer lab for an entire semester for an academic course, you will need to work through your department head during the normal course scheduling process, which means scheduling computer labs through the registrar’s office.

  • After the 12th class day, you can reserve an instructional lab through the Registrar's Office. To reserve a lab for your class after the semester begins or for scheduling ad-hoc meetings, go to AdAstra Schedule Request System. Plan ahead. Please notify your college tech when your needs include:

    • Laptop connection (if it's a MAC laptop, then the owner of the MAC will need to provide the correct adapter)

    • Guest account (we can create the account and, if necessary, add that account as a Power User)

    • Special software we may need to load on the computers prior to your events. Note: we have to comply with licensing stipulations.


Workstations indicate student stations + (instruction station)

Instructional Computer Labs
Location Workstations Tech Support
AG 302 (AUTRY 302 28(1) Tim Fife
AgMechanics 134 20(1) Tim Fife
BUSI 204 (COBA 204) 28(1) Robert Lewis
BUSI 206 (COBA 206 24(1) Robert Lewis
BUSI 209 (COBA 209 37(1) Robert Lewis
ET 107 40(1) Jason Smith
ET 109 13(1) Jason Smith
FINE ARTS 110 20(1) Clay Nelson
FINE ARTS 120 16(1) Clay Nelson
EDUC 202 (HOWELL 202) 25(1) Tim Fife
HYEG 203 20(1) Robert Lewis
HYEG 204 16(1) Robert Lewis
MATH 226B 7 Jason Smith
MATH 227 33(1) Jason Smith
Nursing 207 36(1) James Ford
Nursing 208 36(1) James Ford
HUM 205 (OAGRANT 205) 25(1) Clay Nelson
HUM 206 (OAGRANT 206) 22(1) Clay Nelson
HUM 208 (OAGRANT 208) 26(1) Clay Nelson
HUM 209 (OAGRANT 209) 26(1) Clay Nelson
SCIENCE 208 44(1) Dewayne Harvey
SCIENCE 218 18 Dewayne Harvey
WISDOM GYM 105 25(1) Robert Lewis
FWHIC 530 (FTW) 25(1) Mark Davis
FWHIC 440 (FTW) 16(1) Mark Davis
FWHIC 460 (FTW) 25(1) Mark Davis
SHAFER/CLS 107 (FTW) 20 Mark Davis
*Traditions South Military Science 133 13 James Ford
*University Testing Math 201   Jason Smith
  students (instructor)  
*Cannot be reserved