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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Bretford Smart CartCIIs Classroom and Lab Support Services supports and maintains over 180 technology-enhanced classrooms for Tarleton's faculty and students. Beginning in 2007, CII has invested heavily in upgrading and installing new state-of-the-art technology components in classrooms on the Stephenville and Fort Worth campuses. Our goal is to standardize classroom components so that faculty will have the same technologies whether they teach in the O.A. Grant Building, the Science Building, or in Fort Worth.

Our classrooms and instructional computer labs include the following components:

  • PCs
  • Projectors
  • Smart Board and/or Smart Touch Podiums
  • Document Cameras
  • Audio Equipment
  • HDMI Laptop connection
  • Video Mute

Projects Completed

  • 2018-2019: Computer Refresh, including Optiplex, Precision, and iMac (291); Engineering Computer Setup (489) in progress; Podcast Room Upgrades in progress; Lightboard Room Installation in progress; new FTW Metroplex Construction Project in progress; new Agriculture Center Construction Project in progress; Science 409 & 410 Smartroom installation in progress; Uniprint Upgrade; Howell 212 Zoom Room Setup; new Aquatics Center Construction Project in progress
  • 2017-2018: Computer Refresh; Math 125 Upgrade; Landesk Rebuild; $350K Nursing Simulation HD Upgrade to CAE LearningSpace; MCC Counseling Camera/Mic Upgrade; SCI 306 & 308 Smartroom installations; LED Projector rollout; Short Throw Projector Rollout; Honors Classrooms Zoom Setup
  • 2016-2017: Computer Refresh; Conference Rooms Upgrades (cameras and mics); SCIENCE 219 & 220 room installs; Poultry Lab A/V installation complete; HYEG 202 Computer Lab Project complete; SCI 102 LED Projector/New Screens Project complete; FA Theater A/V Installation complete; Landesk Implementation complete
  • 2015-2016:New AgMechanics, Honors, Traditions South Bldgs A/V and Computer Lab Installs; Computer Refresh; Phase III HD Upgrades to classrooms; SCIENCE 207 Partition Install; Howell 203 Active Learning Classroom ;Hickman 430 ITV Upgrade; Projector Refresh
  • 2014-2015: Computer Replacement (Dairy 105, ET 107, FA 101, FA 110, HICKMAN 530, MATH Classrooms, NURSING Classrooms, NU 207 & 208, NU Control Room, OAG 206, WGYM 103, WGYM 104, WYGM 105);O.A. GRANT and FINE ARTS Construction Projects (Technologies for meeting rooms, conference rooms, collaboration rooms, video podcasts rooms, Media Convergence Lab, Motion Capture Lab, Writing Center, PREM Lab, Choir Hall, Art Studio, Audio Recording Studio);New Smartroom Installations (AUTRY 110, OAG 373, SCI 231, SCI 321, SCI 425, SCI 426, SCI 427, WGYM 106);ITV Installations (Midlothian 202, SCI 207-1, SCI 207-2);Memory Upgrades (AUTRY 302/16GB, SCI 207A/8GM, SCI 208/8GB, all classrooms from 4GB to 8GB); HD Upgrades (classrooms and labs in Autry, ET, Howell, Math);Mac Mini Deployment (COBA 212, Math 226, OAG MCL);Pharos Upgrade to version 9; Projector Refresh (40 Panasonics); SCI 111 Conversion to Smartroom (in progress);SCI 105 Smartroom upgrade to dual-projector setup
  • 2013-2014: Installed web cams in all classrooms and instructional computer labs (instructor stations); Installed new Collaboration Tables in COBA 208, SCIENCE second floor, Dick Smith Library (lower level); Installed new Smartroom technologies in SCIENCE 302; Installed ceiling-mounted document camera in SCIENCE 307 for HD dissection instruction; Installed high definition projection prototypes in Howell 102 and 206 (currently 720P with 1080P coming); Installed ITV Collaboration Table in Midlothian; Funded and installed five new ELVIS-II engineering laboratory platroms in HYEG 204; Completed computer refresh (ADMIN 208, Centennial 105, COBA 206, COBA 212, ET 109, HICKMAN 460, HOWELL 202, HOWELL 318, HYEG 204, MATH 201, MATH 226A&B, OAG 208, 0AG 209, FA 120, WOODS); Installed Mobile Print Module to Pharos Uniprint; Continued consultation with COLFA, Communications, and Fine Arts on OA Grant and Clyde Wells construction projects; Installed HD dual projection system in SCIENCE 102 (system will output two devices at once, such as the computer and a document camera)

Dual Projection System in SCIENCE 102

  • 2012-2013: Planning for OAG and FA Construction Projects;designed and oversaw installation of new HD audio/video technologies in Thompson Student Center Ballrooms and 023, and Fine Art Auditorium;dDesigned and oversaw installation of two new Smart classrooms in FTW Hickman; funded, designed, and installed new Smartroom classroom in WGYM 101 for Military Science;added new document cameras to FA 110, TPAV 104 & 105, MEATLAB 115, RECSPORTS 105 & 106; upgraded Smartboards in OAG 108, 110, 112, 114, & 204, HOWELL 201 & 214, WGYM 103;completed computer refresh in AUTRY 302, CLS 107, CLS 211, COBA 204, COBA 209, COBA 211, EQUINE 115, HORT 106,  HYEG 115, HYEG 203, MATH 227, OAG 103, 104, 105, 107, 109, OAG 205, SCI 206, TPAV 104, 105 (270 total workstations);Designed and installed Collaboration Station prototype (Math 2nd Floor).

    Collaboration Workstation
  • 2011-2012: Upgraded Smartrooms in Clinical Lab Sciences, Hickman, SCI 208, ET 113, OAG 206; Redisigned ET 109 into ET 107, with new tables, chairs, HD projector, 13 additional workstations; Installed and configured Pharos Uniprint; Completed of A/V installs in new Welcome Center; Completed new Smartroom install in PE Field Facility; Rolled out new Blu-ray to all classrooms and labs; Replaced 27 end-of-life NEC projectors with new Panasonic 430U Projectors
  • 2010-2011: Designed and installed instructional technology in new Nursing Building; Installed new Smartroom in new Woodshop; upgraded workstations to our Smartcart standards in Rec Sports 105 and 106; installed new Smartroom in new Dairy Center;installed new Smartroom in HYEG 115;moved Howell 318 computer lab to Howell 202 with new desks; upgraded HYEG 203 and 204 with Smartcarts; installed full Smartroom technology in Kinesiology 105;installed new Wolfvision document cameras in Autry 110, 113, 302 and COBA 206 and 209;installed new Panasonic projectors in labs and classrooms in Math and Fine Arts; OAG 204, COBA 172, SCI 219, 220, 234, 235,308; WGYM 174 (31 total);installed new Smartroom in Hickman 104;installed new Smartroom technology in FA 119 Rehearsal Hall; installed standard Smartcart in FA 110 Maclab; moved and installed ITV technology from Tarleton Center 130 to SDC 130;Upgraded Smartcarts in SCI 103, 104, 105, 109, 110
  • 2009-2010: Standardized components in COBA, Autry, the rest of Kinesiology, Horticulture, Meats Lab, Teaching Pavilion, and Equine Center
  • 2008-2009: Standardized components in Howell, ET, and some of Science and Kinesiology
  • 2007-2008: Standardized components in Fine Arts and O.A. Grant (including new room installs funded in the remodeling of O.A. Grant thanks to Jerry Graham)