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Academic Software Requests -- August 1 each year

Faculty need to provide academic software requests to the manager or technology support specialist in their area by August 1 of each academic year. We need an explanation and justification of the need. If funding is available or you have identified funding, we will deploy the new software in the spring semester. We field requests in the fall, fund them if possible, and deploy the software in the spring.

We cannot support trial versions or partial purchases for a lab. For example, if you want software for HYEG 203, we need to find funding for 21 seats; we cannot support five seats.

If you find open source or freeware software that meets your needs, we will test the software to ensure there are no compatibility issues with existing software or hardware and install that software for you in a classroom or instructional computer lab.

Academic Software Funding

Currently, the Academic Software budget is $150,000.00 for annual software purchases and software renewals. The table below indicates the approved purchases and renewals for AY 2017-18. Posted 9/28/17.

Software Total Usage
*Software for Mcafee $0.00 5 year license
AccessData Forensic Toolkit FTK $2,500.00 CJ
AccessData MPE+ $2,500.00 CJ
Aermod View $1,580.00 PHYSICS
AquiferWin32 Version 5 $0.00 unlimited license
Auralia 5 (bundled with Musition): no upgrade $0.00 Music
AutoScript HC-5: no upgrade $0.00 MCL
Cyberlink PowerDVD: no upgrade $0.00 all computer labss
ERDAS Imagine $6,500.00 GIS Major
EMS Maintenance $24,000.00 Nursing Simulation
EnCase Forensic (Guidance): if class makes $4,500.00 CJ
ERSI Campus License Renewal + Pro $2,000.00 unlimited license
Finale v.25: no upgrade $0.00 Music
Fitness Gram $149.00 KINESIOLOGY
Ivanti Landesk TRM $24,000.00 CII Support
Labstats 0 all computer labss
Lightwright 6, Institutional (City Theatrical): no upgraded $0.00 Music
Mathematica Unlimited License $7,145.00 unlimited license
Matlab $4,225.00 Concurrent
Max 7 (Cycling 74) $2,250.00 Gaming
Minitab $1,356.00 Concurrent
Musition 5; no upgrade $0.00 Music
National Instruments $6,693.00 unlimited license
NetSupport School Maint $3,549.00 all computer labss
Netsupport School 100 New $1,775.00 all computer labss
Pasco Capstone (replaces Data Studio) $0.00 Physics
Pharos $11,895.00 all computer labss
PointCarre $2,600.00 all computer labss
PTV Vision Traffic (already bought) $0.00 Physics/Engineering
Pyware $1,995.00 Music
Qlab $1,745.00 Theatre
Quickbooks (Free for Now) $0.00 LabPacks (50 ea)
Reason 9 (Sweetwater) $0.00 Music
SAS $1,848.00 Math 227
Sketchup Pro $1,125.00 Huang
Smart Music Subscription (MakeMusic) $1,922.00 FA
Smart Notebook $4,455.00 150 rooms
SolidWorks (Go Engineer) $1,900.00 45 concurrent
Stata $750.00
Sweetwater (HD Reinstatement) $2,979.00 Music
The Foundry Production Collection $7,800.00 GAMING
Vcarve $145.00 AG
VMWare $285.35 CII Support